Manufacturing Process  

Sheets of plate of many different material alloys are kept in stock for accelerated production schedules and fast order completion.

Cut Department

Plate specific to each order is cut to precise sizes by a qualified technician and a computerized programmable plasma cutting table .

Press / Forming Department

Precision cut blanks for each item specified to be manufactured are formed by a qualified press operator utilizing the appropriate press and part specific dies.

Trim Department

Formed fitting blanks (usually halves) are trimmed by an experienced and qualified technician utilizing a plasma cutter on a precision rotating table with torch head holding and tracking fixtures.

Grind / Weld Prep Department

Trimmed blanks are fitted together and ground to a precise size to include bevels and landings for eventual welding.  Fitting blanks are also cleaned to help insure the production of quality parts.

Weld Department

Here the two halves are  tacked together then welded.

Heat Treatment

Here the parts are annealed in the oven at temperatures from 1125F to 2150F depending on the material.


Non-Destructive Testing

Depending on required code the parts radiographed to get a radiographic image of all welded seams.


Machine Shop

After testing and heat treatment parts are machined to requested schedule.

Passivation / Bead Blasting

Parts are then passivated to remove scale from heat treatment and will be sand blasted if nessary to ensure a clean finished product.

Lab / Quality Assurance